High-Sensitivity Optical Sensors
High-Sensitivity Optical Sensors

High-Sensitivity Optical Sensors (RoHS)

Silicon and germanium photodiodes for laser power measurement with resolution of 1 nW. Key Features:

  • Silicon and Germanium photodiodes
  • 0.25 to 1.54 µm range
  • Fiber-optic connector (optional)
  • 1000:1 attenuator (optional)
  • RoHS Compliant

High-Sensitivity Optical Sensors

LM-2 and OP-2 Series Semiconductor Sensors offer four detector choices, a silicon sensor for 400-1064 nm (VIS), a UV-enhanced silicon sensor for 250-400 nm (UV) and a germanium sensor for 800-1800 nm in the infrared (IR).

OP-2 sensors function with the LabMax-Pro, LabMax-TOP/TO, FieldMaxII-TOP/TO/P and FieldMate meters.

LM-2 sensors were originally designed to function with legacy meters Ultima LabMaster, FieldMaster, and FieldMaster-GS meters (now phased out), and are also directly compatible with LabMax-Pro and LabMax-TOP/TO meters. For compatibility with newer meters, we recommend OP-2 sensors be selected.

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