Specialty Optical Fibers
Specialty Optical Fibers

Specialty Optical Fibers

Speciality Optical Fibers for Demanding Applications

Double Clad, active, passive, PM, beam delivery, singlemode, gyro, sensing, medical, radiation hard and custom fibers

Coherent offers a complete range of specialty optical fibers. In addition to a broad selection of standard products, our expertise in fiber fabrication means that the core, cladding and coating physical and optical parameters can all be custom specified. Specialty fibers are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and in clean room environments. ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 13485 : 2016 Certified.

Beam delivery fibers are available in a wide range of core and clad diameters. Optional coatings include NuCOATFA, polyimide, silicone, nylon.

Laser and amplifier fibers include rare earth doped (Yb, Tm, ErYb) fibers featuring high absorption, long lifetime and excellent reliability to provide the best performance. Formats include SM, MM, PM, LMA , and PLMA. Wavelengths 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 µm.

Ultrafast Fibers provide a seamless transition to higher powered laser systems, avoiding risks of solid state designs while significantly reducing cost and weight. With 2-3 times higher absorption, low photodarkening and high beam quality, Ultra-Fast fibers are ideal for chirped pulse applications, single frequency and narrow linewidth amplifiers, and second harmonic generation.

Polarization maintaining fibers and optional elliptical cladding are available for telecom, rad-resistant gyroscope, coupler, short wavelength, pure silica core, rare-earth-doped, and multiclad products, with form factors from 80 up to 400 μm. Our Panda designed fibers incorporate the best attributes of single-mode fiber manufacturing, which lends itself to lower cost through large scale production along with extremely uniform optical and mechanical properties.

Single-mode fibers are offered with a range of operating wavelengths, cut-off wavelengths, and glass compositions, from the visible to the infrared. They can be custom tailored with a variety of NA’s and other parameters, as well as various specialty coatings.

Multimode fibers can be fabricated with a large variety of glass properties from the visible to the infrared. Customized optical and mechanical specifications as well as coating options such as our proprietary acrylates, carbon, polyimide, silicone and more.

Geophysical fibers are offered in SM and MM types for acoustic, temperatures and other sensing applications, in harsh environments. Customized solutions include space qualification and radiation hardened.

Gyroscope fibers deliver the ideal combination of precise dimensional specifications and high birefringence. Our gyroscope fibers are widely used in space based and defense applications. Our unique gyroscope fiber coating provides superior crosstalk performance over a wide temperature range.

Our biocompatible and sterilizable Medical fibers are available for applications in OCT, NIRS, Urology, Biomedical Sensing, & Surgical Applications. All medical fibers are manufactured in an ISO 13485 : 2016 certified facility.

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