Advanced Optical Fiber Assemblies
Advanced Optical Fiber Assemblies

Advanced Optical Fiber Assemblies

Advanced Optical Fiber Assemblies

Coherent has designed and manufactured medical and industrial optical fiber assemblies for more than a decade and has capabilities to design and test the most complex optical custom assemblies to your specifications.

Coherent is a registered ISO-9001 & ISO-13485 facility for fiber draw and optical fiber assembly. We leverage our multi site design and manufacturing facilities and collaborate with our customers to provide optimized solutions to meet their cost, quality, and time to market.

Our diverse multi site capabilities and vertically integrated approach enable us to maintain complete control over the entire process providing superior reliability and performance for the most demanding optical assemblies.

Fiber Optical Assembly Capabilities

  • Custom assemblies using single mode/multimode and polarization maintaining (PM) fibers
  • Medical fiber probes including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Laser pigtail for pumps
  • Medical laser beam delivery
  • High and low power laser beam delivery
  • Micro lensed fiber optic assemblies
  • Bare fiber with various fiber tip geometries
  • Fiber termination with a wide choice of standard and custom connectors
  • Optical adapters to optimize beam launch into fiber for high optical throughput
  • Well-equipped test facilities for fiber and fiber assemblies



• Medical & Life Sciences